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Mission & Philosophy

Mission Statement

Orchard House School educates and inspires middle school girls in a responsive, academically engaging community that fosters each girl's intellectual curiosity, social responsibility, emotional integrity, and physical well being.


Orchard House School believes that engaged and productive students create a better world. Our school was designed and developed to imagine the future of our students as adult women, community leaders, global citizens and valuable contributors to society.

We also believe that adolescence lays the foundation for a lifelong sense of self. It is a time of rapid physical, emotional, social, and intellectual growth when girls form their own identities and become individuals. We view the variables of adolescence as positive catalysts for the future and promote the development of each girl's personal authority and consciousness so that she lives and contributes to the world with understanding, joy, hope, and courage.

We also are committed to fostering an inclusive environment where girls learn to use their personal and collective voices for the good of all. The heart of our school’s community is our wealth of individual differences. We believe that the many variables of diversity develop our capacity for understanding and in turn build and strengthen our humanity. We cultivate respect both for one’s self and for all others by creating a culture where respect, encouragement, and care guide interactions both inside and outside of the classroom.


Diversity at Orchard House School

At Orchard House School we seek to build a community that is reflective of our increasingly diverse nation and global world. We believe a school’s vibrancy is deepened when there is a diverse collection of people, opinions, backgrounds, and beliefs within the school community.  Under the Statement of Diversity and Community adopted by the Board of Trustees, we seek to create an inclusive, equitable, and supportive environment for all its community members.